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Audit Manager

Published on:2023-10-18 Recruiting number:1

Job duties

1. Assist the director of internal audit to develop and improve the company's audit-related systems and workflow;

2. Assist in formulating audit programs, drafting audit reports and management proposals and other audit instruments;

3. Assist the director of internal audit to carry out various audits of the departments and subsidiaries;

4. Participate in the regular evaluation of the operation status of the Group's internal control system;

5. Responsible for and coordinating the communication with relevant departments during the audit process;

6. Responsible for file management of audit materials such as audit drafts and reports;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.


1、Bachelor degree or above in auditing, finance, accounting or related majors; experience in photovoltaic industry is preferred;

2, with more than 5 years of experience in auditing, familiar with auditing, finance, accounting work;

3, proficient in the establishment and operation of modern enterprise internal control systems, familiar with laws and regulations, possess a solid knowledge of accounting and auditing, familiar with the complete process and management of auditing;

4, able to independently carry out auditing work;

5, Possess strong written expression ability, good communication skills, as well as rigorous thinking and strong learning ability;

6, strong interpersonal communication, coordination and organizational skills, as well as a high level of teamwork and a strong sense of responsibility.

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