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        80MW! JinenU Solar's High-Efficiency N-TOPCon Module Customization Project
        JinenU Solar Makes a Stunning Debut at SNEC! Customized Module Model Highly Recognized by Customers!
        JinenU Solar's Sixth Base Landed in Yuexi, Anhui! 30GW Capacity by 2024!
        Anhui Owned Another New Base! JinenU Fifth Base was Successfully Signed in Maanshan, Hexian!
        Another New Base of JinenU Solar Officially Landed in Qianshan, Anhui Province!
        The Opening Ceremony Was Held for JinenU's 3GW High-efficiency Solar Module Manufacturing Project in Qianshan!
        TÜV SÜD IEC 61215,IEC 61730 Certificate Awarded to JinenU's Modules
        JinenU Solar Shines at Solar PV Expo 2023 in Japan.
        Shine in Europe! JinenU Solar debuts at Intersolar Europe! Innovative module customization model grabs attention!
        JinenU Solar's Customized P-type&N-type Modules Was Awarded Multiple Certificates
        JinenU Solar Obtains BIS Certificate!
        Customized Project|182mm 156 Half Cell 198MW High Efficiency Large Size Module
        Customized Project|JinenU Solar 1.6MW All-Black TOPCon Module Customization Project
        JinenU Solar Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for 3GW High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Module Project at Yuexi Base
        JinenU Solar Obtains the MyHIJAU Certificate!
        JinenU Solar Obtains the JP-AC Certification!
        Customized Project | Multi-Base Coordination - JinenU Solar 582MW 210mm High Efficiency Modules
        Continuously Optimize The Certification System and Continue to Empower Customers
        Photovoltaic sand control, a new model for desert management
        Hydrogen from photovoltaics, a cleaner energy transition
        Agro-photovoltaic complementation, the development trend of agriculture
        Forest-optical complementation helps rural revitalization
        "Pastoralism+Photovoltaic" benefits both economy and environmental protection
        Fishery-photovoltaic complementation: electricity be generated above while fish
        PV Technology Iteration - From PERC to TOPCon
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