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Module Customization
Customized Production
Close Cooperation
Cost and Quality Driven
Quick Response
Module Customization
Customized Production
Close Cooperation
Cost and Quality Driven
Quick Response

JinenU Solar is customer-oriented in manufacturing and production through close cooperation in all aspects. JinenU can help customers obtain the production advantage through effective cost control and excellent quality, meet customers' demand for high-quality products in the shortest time and help to gain the maximized benefit.

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    Factory Inspection

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    First Item Determination

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    Raw Material Procurement

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    Mass Production

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    Product Delivery

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    After-sales Service

Customized Production

JinenU Solar, with its intelligent manufacturing production base and flexible service concept, has created a sustainable solar module manufacturing service platform. JinenU Solar not only meets customers' demands for high-quality products but also provides complete customized production services with lean supply chain management and strong funding advantages.

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    Customized Financial Services

    JinenU Solar can provide customized financing services to help customers overcome production funding issues during the order delivery process.

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    Elastic Customization of Raw Materials

    Customers can flexibly choose the procurement method and requirements of raw materials according to their special needs. They can request the use of specific raw materials, such as cell types, glass, backsheets, frames, etc., to meet their specific application requirements.

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    Customization of Product Models

    Customers can request specific appearance designs, including color and size, according to their branding, product and market needs.

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    Customization of Packaging and Labeling

    Customers can request specific packaging and labeling, including packaging boxes, labels, user manuals, etc., according to their requirements.

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