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Cost Analysis Manager/Supervisor

Published on:2023-10-18 Recruiting number:1

Job duties

1. Participate in the development and improvement of cost management systems and policies, and supervise the implementation of each base;

2. Collect, organize and analyze relevant indicators data for cost assessment of the functional departments and each base;

3. Participate in sales quotation support, tracking and calculating the actual realization of the gross profit of the order, and make comparative difference analysis with the gross profit estimate of the order;

4. Collect and maintain the cost of daily statement analysis system, and verify and follow up on abnormal alarm data from the center console;

5. Establish and improve the financial management analysis report system, and train and supervise the bases to complete in a timely and accurate manner;

6. Prepare group consolidated operation analysis report, analyze and propose measures for improving operational management, and do cross-base comparison analysis;

7. Assist the implementation, development, and improvement of cost-related software.;

8. Provide assistance and take on their responsibilities in the absence of a cost supervisor;

9. Handle other tasks assigned by the leadership.


1. Graduated from accounting, financial management and other finance majors, with bachelor degree or above;

2. Intermediate accountant title, CPA or CMA is preferred;

3. More than 5 years of experience in cost accounting, cost analysis and cost control n manufacturing enterprises, master a variety of cost analysis and calculation methods and techniques, experience in the photovoltaic industry is preferred;

4. Familiar with UFIDA ERP system, Office software operation, proficient in EXCEL functions and charts, familiar with PQ and Powe BI is preferred;

5. Understand various cost accounting systems, include their advantages, disadvantages and applicable scenarios;

6. calm, careful, strong sense of responsibility, good at learning, sensitive to figures, can find problems from the report figures, good at analyzing problems;

7. Passionate about cost management and cost reduction and efficiency, seeing problems as opportunities;

8. Strong sense of integration of industry and finance, with strong communication and coordination skills.

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