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Foreign Legal Manager

Published on:2023-10-18 Recruiting number:1

Job duties

1. Draft, review, and negotiate relevant contracts and legal documents;

2. Establish and improve the legal management system related to foreign affairs, optimize the process and risk control system;

3. Provide legal consultation and risk assessment for the overseas teams, and provide suggestions and feasible solutions for legal issues involved in cross-border business;

4. Research and study the legal policies of various countries and provide legal advice;

5. Establish contact with external lawyers' organizations to jointly solve the company's foreign legal issues;

6. Participate in the company's legal training and other legal affairs.


1. Bachelor degree or above in law;

2. Pass the national unified judicial examination or legal professional qualification examination, with the A-level legal professional qualification certificate A certificate;

3. With more than 5 years of legal work experience in the manufacturing industry, with a preference for experience in well-known OEM enterprises or large-scale photovoltaic enterprises and new energy industries;

4. Have strong learning and summarizing ability, as well as excellent communication and coordination skills. Work proactively, strong execution.

5. English can be used as the working language in the professional field.

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