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JinenU Solar Shines at Solar PV Expo 2023 in Japan.



        On March 15, JinenU Solar introduced the innovative module customized production model and the new TOPCon series modules at PV EXPO 2023, which aroused extensive interest among customers in the Japanese market. JinenU's booth attracted many customers to discuss potential collaborations.

At this exhibition, JinenU Solar high-quality, high-efficiency, and cost-effective popular photovoltaic modules and shared the successful cases in the field of customized PV module production. The appearance and technology of black-framed and TOPCon modules attracted numerous inquiries from partners, as well as the attention of many Japanese market customers; the brand-new customized production mode of PV modules also aroused attention because of its great characteristics, which was recognized and appreciated by customers from the Japanese market at the exhibition. This brings new business opportunities for JinenU's future development in the Japanese market.


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