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Anhui Owned Another New Base! JinenU Fifth Base was Successfully Signed in Maanshan, Hexian!



        On May 12, 2012, a centralized signing ceremony for key investment projects was held in Hexian County, Maanshan City, Anhui Province. The first phase of the 3GW high-efficiency PV module manufacturing project was successfully signed, marking the official establishment of the JinenU's fifth manufacturing base in Hexian County, Maanshan City. Mr. Jiang Hua, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Hexian Economic Development Zone, and Mr. Liu Xingyun, Executive Director of JinenU Solar, signed the contract.

        The total investment of the first phase of the 3GW high-efficiency PV module manufacturing project in Maanshan Base is about 1.2 billion yuan and the total construction period is 10 months. The production line will be equipped with advanced production equipment with automation and artificial intelligence applications. After the project is fully produced, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be about 3 billion yuan.The project strives to put into production in this year and become a digital, automated and intelligent demonstration production base.

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