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20GW Focus on OEM! JinenU Solar Shines at Shanghai SNEC PV+ 2024



On June 13th, the 17th International Solar Photovoltaic and Intelligent Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition (SNEC 2024), which the global PV industry has been eagerly waiting for, was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As a pioneer of PV lean foundry, JinenU Solar brought its differentiated customized service model and a variety of customized products to the exhibition, and the on-site consulting customers were inundated. The unique customized foundry model is highly flexible and personalized service to meet the diverse needs of different customers for PV products, which was attracted by the on-site customers' attention and popularity.


SNEC 2024 is the largest exhibition in years, attracting more than 3,500 exhibitors from 95 countries and regions around the world. This event is not only an important platform for PV enterprises to show their technical strength and market layout, but also an important bridge for communication and cooperation in the global PV industry. As one of the exhibitors, JinenU Solar made a big splash in the exhibition with its differentiated service model and high-performance customized products. The customized OEM mode is one of the major innovations in the PV industry. The advantage of this mode lies in its flexibility and high efficiency, which enables JinenU Solar to respond to customers' needs quickly and accurately grasp their actual needs, whether it's product specifications, performance parameters or special technical requirements, JinenU Solar can match the raw materials with the products and produce according to the customers' requirements, so that JinenU Solar can provide more personalized services for the customers, and provide PV modules and solutions in line with their specific requirements. We can provide customers with more customized services and PV modules and solutions that meet their specific requirements. Meanwhile, JinenU Solar focuses on quality control in its customized OEM mode. Its six standardized production bases adopt new generation of production equipment, intelligent system and strict quality control system to ensure that every piece of PV module meets high quality standards.


Since the establishment of JinenU Solar, with the differentiated service model, high-performance products and high-quality customized services, JinenU Solar has successfully provided high-quality products and services to many customers and won wide recognition and praise from them, which has made JinenU Solar stand out in the photovoltaic industry and become a trusted partner of customers.


In response to the wave of the times and seizing the opportunity of the rapid development of the PV industry, JinenU Solar has been growing for more than three years, and continues to move forward towards the goal of becoming the world's largest PV industry "Foxconn", delivering clean energy to the whole world, and committing itself to creating convenient, stable, efficient and innovative PV solutions for customers around the globe.


In the future, JinenU will adhere to its unique customized OEM model and make steady progress in the ever-changing development of the PV field, contributing JinenU's power to the prosperity of the global PV industry, and providing strong support for reaching the global zero-carbon goal, and helping to build a cleaner, more harmonious, and more beautiful world.

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