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Mr. Wu Fei was invited to the 12th Global Green Energy and PV Finance Summit



On June 14th, with SNEC 2024 in full swing, the 12th Global Green Energy and Photovoltaic Finance Summit was also held at the same time.The theme of the summit is "High-quality green finance promotes the development of high-quality photovoltaic industry, empowers the new quality productivity of the photovoltaic industry, and promotes the accelerated realization of the double-carbon goal", and Wu Fei, Chairman of JinenU Solar Group, was invited to attend the summit and delivered a speech.China's photovoltaic development is at the node of 20 years and moving towards a new stage of steady and high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry.


Green finance, as an emerging financial industry, provides strong financial support for the new energy industry through innovative financial tools and policy instruments, and has become a key force in promoting the development of new energy.The Finance Summit, as a brand meeting of SNEC for twelve consecutive years, brings together senior experts, leading enterprises and stakeholders in the green finance, photovoltaic and renewable energy industries to focus on the new topic of green energy + green finance in 2024.


"I am actually an investor and have focused on investing in only one track, PV, since 2014.And in fact, 2014 was the market trough of the PV industry, and I entered against the trend when this industry was in the trough."At the summit, Wu Fei deeply analyzed the development history and trends of the photovoltaic industry, and put forward the industry's development of the four "" trend.


The first point is marketization. He pointed out that, especially since 2020, with the arrival of the era of grid parity and the promotion of national policies, the photovoltaic industry has experienced a blowout outbreak, and inevitably entered a period of adjustment. However, the rapid development has also brought a series of problems such as upstream profiteering, staged supply and demand imbalance, and so on, into the industry reshuffle this year and next year. He stressed that the current PV industry signs of the beginning of the real market competition, but this does not mean that the decline of the industry, in this process, the industry will no longer rely on short-term windfall profits, but need to rely on core competitiveness to survive and develop.


The second point of specialization. With the imbalance between supply and demand of silicon, silicon wafers, batteries, components, vertical integration advantage is no longer, the advantage of specialization will return, after intense competition in the specialization, the most difficult is actually the component sales, so tomorrow and the year after tomorrow will start back to the component is the king, the brand is the king, the terminal is the king of the times.


The third point is specialization. He proposed that the component products are both homogeneous and non-homogeneous, the product appearance is the same, but the same product 20 years after the attenuation rate of the difference is very huge, the need for time to verify the quality of the product is different, PV product specialization will be an important direction for the development of the industry in the future, the industry's big brands and old brands, need to make their own specialization and differentiation.


The fourth point is the internationalization trend of PV industry. In the past, 90% of the global PV is China's production, China's exports, with the continuous expansion of the global PV market, the internationalization of the PV industry is facing new challenges and opportunities, China's photovoltaic enterprises have to go out of the country to produce, to achieve the internationalization of the development of the global market, playing an increasingly important role in the global market.


When talking about green finance to help PV industry high-quality development, Wu Fei called for financial institutions do not need to retreat due to the current industry's brutal competition, and should seize the opportunities in the PV industry supply chain finance and M&A restructuring and other areas, to provide PV enterprises with more accurate financial services, and to promote the PV industry to a higher quality and more sustainable direction.


JinenU Solar has always been adhering to the core positioning - focusing on customized foundry services, creating a unique business model, showing the industry's unique charm, and is committed to filling the blank areas of the industry, not only to promote the innovative and diversified development of the photovoltaic industry, but also to achieve the goal of sustainable development of JinenU itself in the process. Through continuous efforts, JinenU will contribute new perspectives and strategies to the cooperation and development of the PV industry and beyond, and inject the industry with a constant stream of vitality and hope for the future.

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