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Intersolar Europe | JinenU Solar shines with its OEM|ODM Products and Services!



On June 19th, on the bright stage of Intersolar Europe 2024, JinenU Solar demonstrated its innovative strength and unique charm in the photovoltaic industry with the dual-core drive of "customized mode + OEM products", and became the focus of attention at the exhibition.


The Smarter E Europe is divided into four exhibition areas, among which, Intersolar is the most well-known one, which is one of the world's largest and most influential solar energy professional exhibitions and trade fairs so far, and gathers the well-known enterprises in the international photovoltaic industry.


In response to the characteristics of distributed and ground power plants in Europe, JinenU Solar brings highly adaptable customized OEM solutions to the European market at this exhibition, covering flexible customization of products ranging from 400W to more than 710W. The customization model of JinenU Solar is very distinctive and differentiated in the industry, and JinenU Solar has won great attention with its eye-catching booth design and a variety of customized products, which demonstrated JinenU's innovative customized foundry experience and attracted many customers seeking for reliable customized foundry solutions.


The customized OEM service model is based on the deep understanding of customer needs and quick response, which can provide customers with flexible and changeable production solutions in a timely and rapid manner. JinenU always takes the market as the guide, pays more attention to the communication and cooperation with customers, deeply understands the actual needs of customers, and provides customers with personalized and flexible customized production solutions that are more in line with their needs.


In addition, JinenU Solar also has a professional technical team and a new generation of production equipment, which can quickly and flexibly respond to customers' needs, reduce customers' production costs and risks, and realize the efficient production of products to ensure high quality and on-time delivery for customers.


This exhibition not only demonstrates the unique advantages of customized OEM service, but also conveys to global customers the firm confidence of JinenU in the future of PV industry. With the mission of "Benefiting the Earth", JinenU Solar will continue to diversify its products to meet customers' individual needs, promote the innovative development of PV industry, and contribute more to the global PV industry.

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