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Customized Project | JinenU Solar Micro-rectangular 78.6MW High Efficiency Module Project





Customized Project


Currently, the photovoltaic industry is accelerating towards high-power modules, and rectangular modules are rapidly entering the market, becoming a new breakthrough in module efficiency to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

JinenU Solar received a customized ODM|OEM demand from the customer, producing 182mm 72 cells bifacial high-efficiency micro rectangular modules with a power of 555W. The total order quantity is 78.6MW, approximately 143,000 pieces.

This order is the first mass-produced customized rectangular module of JinenU Solar, and the successful mass production this time proves the strength and efficiency of JinenU Solar's customized production as well as its technical capability and production experience, and further confirms JinenU Solar's strength in meeting customers' customized demands and its ability to continuously provide customers with better quality and more competitive products and services.


Manufacturing challenges & solutions

The overall dimensions of the 82mm*183.75mm 72 cells bifacial coated module are 2278*1134mm, using P-type 10BB multi-busbar high-efficiency solar cells, paired with 0.29mm round wire on both sides and 0.32mm tinned wire for the busbars in the middle; POE+EVA+semi-tempered textured glass, with a gap of 0.8±0.1mm between the cells. The design output power of the module can reach up to 555W, effectively reducing the shading of the cell busbars, improving optical utilization, and maximizing the use of sunlight to enhance module power, making it more advantageous in terms of performance and price.

Due to the special nature of rectangular battery cells and material pairing, higher requirements for equipment accuracy and stability, as well as stricter requirements for the capabilities of manufacturing department personnelThis order encountered edge chipping, hidden cracks in the form of the Chinese character "", and cell merge during the trial production process. In response to these issues, the manufacturing department at the Zibo base immediately conducted in-depth analysis, assessing from multiple perspectives such as materials, design, and production processes, and formulated effective solutions. After a trial production of 50 cells and continuous tracking and improvement, by optimizing the welding machine's tab pull-up, flattening sequence, thickness, length monitoring, and lamination parameters, the problem was successfully resolved, laying a solid foundation for smooth mass production.

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Customer feedback

"We used to do regular layout in JinenU Solar, this time although it is the first time to do rectangle sheet in JingYou, and we encountered some problems at the beginning, but everyone is very experienced and solved the problems quickly, and now the yield rate is also very stable,  which makes us see the strength of JinenU olar’s manufacturing once again."

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