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Customized Project|182mm 156 Half Cell 198MW High Efficiency Large Size Module



JinenU Solar customized PERC bifacial high-efficiency monocrystalline modules with specifications of 182mm and 156 half cells, with a power requirement of 595W, and a production quantity of 336,036 pieces, about 198MW.

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When the customer firstly entrusted the 90MW order to JinenU Solar, Zibo JinenU Solar Technology Co., LTD efficiently and effectively completed the project manufacturing and delivered the modules to the customer in time. As a result, the client decided to once again entrust JinenU Solar's Zibo base with the production of a 198MW order.

During the manufacturing process, all departments of JinenU Solar attach great importance to the production process of this project and ensure that the products meet the high quality requirements of customers through strict quality control and testing. Meanwhile, Zibo JinenU Solar Technology Co., LTD fully optimizes the production and shipping process to ensure the products are delivered on time.

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●  Manufacturing Challenges & Solutions

The overall size of the 182-78 module is 2465*1134mm, with 0.3mm original wire welding tape and 1.5±0.5mm pitch, which effectively reduces the shade caused by the grid line of the cell, maximizes the use of sunlight, resulting in improved power output. The 182mm model design can achieve a maximum output power of 595W, and the backside of the product has a high bifaciality rate of over 70%.

During the mass production process, each manufacturing department of Zibo JinenU Solar Technology Co., LTD continuously adjusts and optimizes the lamination process parameters to adapt to the 182-78 model. This helps to solve the difficulties and pain points of corner chipping and corner air bubbles of this model, laying a solid foundation for providing customers with high-quality products.

●  Customer Feedback

"The team at Zibo does more than simply fulfill orders, they understand our needs and the entire team is able to provide technical support and solutions in a very professional manner. They communicate with us in a timely manner during the production of our orders to provide us with a more personalized service."

JinenU Solar always adheres to the values of integrity, goodness, improvement and honesty in producing each moldule.

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