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Customized Project | JinenU Solar 130MW High Efficiency TOPCon Modules



Customized Project

130MW N-TOPCon Modules

JinenU Solar received a customer order to custom 182mm 144 half cut cells glazed double-glass high-efficient TOPCon modules for customers, with power of 575W and 580W, totaling 130MW in order volume, approximately 225,000 pieces.

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 Manufacturing challenges & solutions

The 182mm 144 half-cut cells double-glass semi-glazed module has an overall dimension of 2278*1134mm, utilizing N-type 16BB multi-busbar TOPCon high-efficiency cells, paired with 0.26mm round wire welding tape, POE+EVA+semi-tempered embossed glass, 1.5±0.5mm pitch, 580W maximum output power, effectively reducing cell busbar shading and maximizing the use of sunlight to enhance the power of the module.

Due to the unique nature of its material, the trial production process encountered problems such as mid-hole fragments and bubbles on short edges. In response to these issues, the manufacturing department in Tai’an Base immediately conducted a thorough analysis and developed effective solutions quickly from multiple perspectives including materials, design, and production processes.

After 8 hours of continuous tracking and improvement, the technical challenge was successfully resolved through optimizing lamination parameters, changing the placement and size of EVA blocks, and adjusting the pads width. This breakthrough solution not only improved product quality but also demonstrated JinenU Solar's determination and problem-solving capabilities in addressing technical challenges to customers.

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 Customer feedback

“We are very satisfied with the rapid improvement in the quality of the products produced at the Tai'an base and the ability to solve technical challenges, being able to efficiently produce according to our requirements and production schedule, reflecting the professional level of a component OEM factory, and bringing us tangible benefits.”

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