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JinenU Solar Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for 3GW High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Module Project at Yuexi Base



On October 17th, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the annual output of 3GW high-efficiency photovoltaic module project of Yuexi base of JinenU Solar. This is the sixth manufacturing base of JinenU Solar, and the high-efficiency photovoltaic module supplying capacity is expanding, which further pushes the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of Yuexi County.

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Wu Fei, Chairman of JinenU Solar, said that in recent years, Yuexi has continued to practice the concept of green development, adhered to the transformation and upgrading, and vigorously pushed forward the construction of new energy sources, realizing the ecological beauty of the sky blue, the ground green, and the water clear. Global energy demand continues to grow, Yuexi takes new energy industry as a strategic focus to promote economic restructuring. JinenU Solar will do its best to speed up the project construction progress, injecting power into Yuexi's new energy industry and economy.

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With a total investment of RMB 1.1 billion, covering an area of 150 acres and purchasing more than 330 sets of equipments, Yuexi base is expected to be put into production in March 2024 and have an annual production capacity of 3GW. Yuexi base will be dedicated to becoming a digital, automated and intelligent demonstration production base, which will help to achieve the dual-carbon goal.

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